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Yoga Ed.™ was founded in 2002 by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish. It is known throughout the education and yoga communities as the yoga program for schools. Yoga Ed.™ develops health/wellness programs and materials that utilize the physiological, emotional and educational benefits of yoga and creative play, and then distributes them to children, teachers, and parents through schools and communities nationwide.

The Yoga Ed.™ K-8 Program is a nationally recognized, cost-effective health and fitness program for schools that fulfills the National Challenge PE standards. Yoga Ed. has been shown to enhance student focus, concentration, learning readiness and self-discipline. In this comprehensive 36-week curriculum, the practice of yoga is age-appropriately integrated with an active, playful and scientific exploration of the body, mind and self. The Yoga Ed.™ program is taught in grades Pre-K all the way through high school.

Yoga Ed.™ Tools for Teachers trains classroom teachers to use simple yoga-based mind-body integration techniques as effective behavior and classroom management activities. Specifically designed for the classroom, needing no extra space or equipment, Yoga Tools consist of 5-15 minute breath and movement sequences, games and visualizations that anyone can do to immediately feel more attentive, energized and calm. Yoga Tools help teachers create a more focused, calm, harmonious environment and support students in feeling ready and able to learn. Implementing both Yoga Ed. programs enables students and teachers to decrease stress, increase well-being and improve responsible behavior and academic achievement.

Tools for Teachers was created, because classroom teachers began requesting students after yoga class. Thus, the founder and program director created Tools for Teachers so that the entire school could be yoga educated.

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Yoga Ed’s Tools for Teachers Professional Development Training is a nationally recognized, cost effective program designed to improve mental health and responsible behavior as well as enhance student productivity and academic achievement. Surveys from the 10,000 teachers that have successfully integrated the Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers into their classrooms in over 26 states overwhelming confirm that they and their students feel and do better when regularly implementing Yoga Tools.

Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers offers simple, yoga-based exercises and activities that are designed for the classroom, need no extra space or equipment and take only 5-15 minutes. Anyone can fo them and experience immediate results.


Stop and become aware of your mind-body state!
Empower: Shift to centered, relaxed and energized with Yoga Tools!
Excel: Maintain your well-being and achieve your goals in a positive, healthy way!

Trainings are participatory and prepare teachers and/or students to easily incorporate the four types of Yoga Tools into their daily schedule.


Fees do not include travel or materials expense

2-Hour Introduction for Staff..........$350

Teachers are introduced to the basics of how to use Yoga Tools to support and center themselves, as well as their students to create calm, focus, and optimal learning readiness in their classroom. One chapter of the Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Manual is reviewed.

2-Hour Introduction for Students at Assembly or Health Fair..........$350

This option offers introductory Yoga Ed. Tools classes for students. Different age groups of students can attend for 20-40 minutes at a time to learn simple, fun yoga activities that they can use to de-stress, manage their feelings, focus and concentrate, energize, feel good and do their best!

1/2 Day In-School (4 hours)..........$500

Teachers receive instruction and practice in utilizing the four types of Yoga Tools - conscious breathing, postures, organized play and visualization, to create a brain-compatible, healthy classroom environment that boosts achievement by enhancing transitions, testing and class management. Two chapters of the Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Manual are reviewes.

1-Day In-School..........$750

In this fun, transformational 6-7 hour workshop, all 4 chapters of the Yoga Tools for Teachers Manual are reviewed. Teachers learn many techniques and gain greater understanding about how and when to implement Yoga Tools into their daily classroom routine for mind-body wellness, responsible behavior and academic achievement.

2-Day In-School..........$1500

This comprehensive training empowers teachers to embody the Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Manual and excel at presenting and incorporating Yoga Tools in their lives and classrooms. Teachers leave confident and inspired to transform wellness and boost achievement! Approved for 1 Unit Continuing Education by Loyola Marymount University and Chapman University.


The Yoga Ed. Program a nationally recognized, cost effective health and fitness curriculum for schools that fulfills the national Challenge PE standards. In their comprehensive, 36-week introductory curriculums for Pre-K through High School, the practice of yoga is age-appropriately integrated with an active, playful and scientific exploration of the body, mind and self. The focus of all the Yoga Ed. themes and practices is the transference of yoga-based principles to the development of healthy choices and life skills that lay a foundation for lifetime wellness.

The Yoga Ed. Curriculum addresses multiple intelligences and are divided into developmental levels: Pre-K, K-G2, G3-G5, G6-G8 and G9-G12, each with its own Lesson Plans and Assessments. Included are Teacher’s Guide, Illustrated Pose and shows that participation in Yoga Ed. is positively correlated with increased fitness as well as improved grades, self-discipline and self-esteem.

Travel and accommodations not included

  • 2-Day Sportime/Yoga Ed. PE Training = $2500, choose from K-G2, G3-G5, G6-G8 or G9-G12
  • 3-Day Sportime/Yoga Ed. PE Training = $3250, choose from K-G5 or G6-G12
  • 4-Day Sportime/Yoga Ed. K-G8 PE Training = $4000
  • 5-Day Sportime/Yoga Ed. K-G12 PE Training = $4750
  • 5-Day Yoga Ed. K-G12 PE Training $600 per teacher, minimum of 7 teachers
This intensive training prepares qualified PE teachers to teach engaging and meaningful classes using the Yoga Ed. PE Curriculum. Comprehensive yoga instruction regarding alignment, breathing, sequencing, adjustments, modifications and safety is combined with the Yoga Ed. structure, philosophy, and methodology. PE teachers learn to integrate fun, challenge, science-based information and experiential learning to enhance PE and improve physical, mental and emotional health and fitness. The above cost covers tuition for the training. There is an additional $80 - $150 materials charge per teacher.

  • Send Qualified Yoga Educator(s) to YE Training $750/$1000 per teacher
Instead of Yoga Ed. coming to your school, you can send qualified teachers to a Yoga Ed. 5-Day PE Teacher Training or a 7-Day Instructor Training. From the 5-day, they will return prepared to teach the Yoga Ed. Curriculum as PE to students, and from the 7-day, they will also be qualified to offer Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Professional Development Program to teachers. The above cost covers tuition and materials.

Yoga Ed. All School Health-Wellness Makeover..........$10,000

Give us 10 days to ignite the “health intelligence” of the whole school! Let a Yoga Ed. Trainer come and share yoga education with students, staff and administration. Includes:

Tools for Teachers 2-Day Training
5-Day PE Teacher Training
Student Assemblies
Administration Workshop

Additional materials fee based on number of participants.


Tools for Teachers K-8 Manual..........$35

Bulk Discount (25 or more $30)


The Yoga Tools for Teachers Manuals informs the in-service and supports the implementation of Yoga Ed. in the classroom. Included are an illustrated guide, Yoga Tools sessions and directions for transition times, a digest of research relating yoga's benefits to health and education. The supplemental Nutrition and Yoga Tools Activity Booklet provides fun reproducible pages that reinforce the understanding and use of Yoga Tools to feel good, eat well and stay healthy.

Tools for Pre-K Teachers Manual..........$30

Bulk Discount (25 or more $25)

Tools for High School Teachers Manual..........$30

Bulk Discount (25 or more $25)

Yoga Pretzel Deck..........$14.95

Yoga Planet Deck..........$14.95

Yoga Ed. CD..........$7

Ten cuts of instrumental music to enhance the use of yoga tools - the perfect audio support for alert, relaxed receptivity and calm.

Healthy Me Poster $5

Bright illustrations of Yoga Poses with Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon, reminding kids to "Be Active and Eat Fruits and Vegetables!" Poster size: 17"x22"

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  • Teach fitness, health and life skills through yoga
  • Enhance athletic performance and engage non-athletes
  • Improve focus, flexibility, coordination, strength and balance
  • Develop self-awareness, self-care and management skills
  • Support learning and responsible behavior
  • Teach classroom teachers yoga techniques designed for the classroom

  • 36-weeks of lesson plans for Pre-K / K–2 / G3–5 / G6–8 / G9-12
  • Illustrated teacher's guide, assessments, handouts, projects and games
  • Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Training Handbook and Manual

  • $800 plus $200 materials fee = $1000
  • $700 plus $200 materials fee = $900 - Early Registration

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Yoga Ed. is simply the best, and most extensive, thoughtfully infused yoga curriculum that exists in education today. I give this recommendation after reviewing some of the dozens of yoga programs that teachers are introducing across the country.
Gessner Geyer, M.A., Ed.M. Harvard University
Educational Consultant and Director Brainergy, Inc.

Physical, Mental and Emotional health are the cornerstones of success and fulfillment in life. Tara Guber's Yoga Ed. delivers these essentials to school children and is transforming lives, schools and communities.

Anthony Robbins,
Robbins Research International

A comprehensive assessment of the Yoga Ed. program by experienced and accredited educators and yoga professionals is essential to the expansion of our program. View a
research study of the “Yoga Ed..”™ program at the Accelerated School by the Program Evaluation and Research Collaborative (PERC).

Program Evaluation and Research Collaborative (PERC)

Cal State LA Charter College of Education
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Cal State

Additional Studies –

Yoga as an Intervention for Children With Attention Problems
* Yoga for ADD
* Study of 4th Graders
* Mindfulness In School by Deb Cohen
* Non-Violence in School through Yoga
* Research Synopsis

For more information, visit
Yoga Ed.

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